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Be a part of this industry and get fruitful returns.

The recruitment sector is a booming industry, which requires people who love interacting with people and are always up for challenging situations. This career is perfect for individuals who have fantastic people skills and are experts at reading and understanding verbal as well as non-verbal cues. We are responsible for screening candidates and helping them live up to their potential. Hence, it is an extremely satisfying job. It is a target driven job, but also very flexible. Incentives play a huge role in motivating recruiters to perform their best. Since it is a growing field it is also super competitive.

At Right Recruit, we have a team of talented and enthusiastic people who are dedicated to their job. After being provided the necessary training, these executives have become experts at handling candidates of various backgrounds and requirements.

You are welcome to join us and make your career in Recruitments and other areas of HR.

You may send your CV on kavita@rightrecruit.org