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We at Right Recruit make sure what both the employers and employees are satisfied with the work arrangement and structure of the work place. To ensure this, the concept of flexible staffing has been introduced. This feature makes sure a healthy environment is maintained in the workplace to increase productivity and overall growth. Flexi staffing also helps reduce the work pressure of the employees. A dynamic mix of highly skilled temporary manpower and permanent employees is necessary in any company to maintain a healthy balance

We help the organization fulfill their requirements in a non-hassle and cost effective way. The different types of staffing range from temporary to long term contracts.

Types of services offered

  • Temporary staffing - we help the client hire manpower with fixed skill sets for only a short amount of time for which they are needed.
  • Permanent staffing - we help the client hire associates as temporary employees for a trial period of employment; after a satisfactory trial period, a company has the opportunity to add a temporary worker to its permanent staff.
  • Long term contract - Corporates can opt to enter into assignments for long-term and indefinite periods of time with the employees.

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Advantages of flexi staffing

  • Save money
  • Improve competitive position
  • Improve retention
  • Can test future full time employees